Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Interesting Sermon

My husband and I normally attend Woodforest Presbyterian Church, but on a recent Sunday, we visited Christ the King Episcopal Church instead. The sermon that Sunday was on The Parable of the Talents, found in Matthew 25:14-30.

This is the story of the master who went away, giving five, two, and one talent each respectively to three servants. The servant receiving five talents doubled his money, as did the servant receiving two talents. But the servant who had received one talent was scared and didn't want to take a risk, so he buried the money and returned it – but no more – upon his master's return. Click here to read the actual bible verses to this parable.

What made this particular sermon unique however, is the activity the Reverend used in conjunction with the sermon. They actually passed out baskets of five-dollar bills and asked parishioners to take one. The parishioners were told to take their bill and use it to earn more money that they would return at a predetermined future date.

The Reverend gave examples of how the Parishioners might use their money to make more money… purchase supplies to make a craft that could be sold, a lemonade stand (for the kids), or a family could combine their bills to do something bigger. She challenged everyone to think about it.

This was a distinctive and memorable sermon. I hope that when the date comes for the Parishioners to return the money, Christ the King Episcopal Church finds they have many good and faithful servants indeed!

I'm curious, what would you do with your five-dollar bill?