Monday, June 30, 2008

Impeach the President?

This YouTube video was sent to me by my sister. I wanted to share it. Thanks, Sis!

Return of the FreewayBlogger ver 2.0

Hmmm, very interesting. How effective are we as a society in voicing our concerns? Is the Freeway Blogger on to something? I'll be posting a survey in the next few days to gauge your thoughts on the President and the job he is doing, or feel free to post your comments now.


Anonymous said...

I applaud this guy. He is trying to speak his voice (opinion). There is little an average Joe can do to have his/her voice heard without the commercial airwaves (and who can afford that? the rich - not average Joe's). Our country was founded by people speaking out! I happen to agree with his message as well. I urge people to start tuning into PUBLIC BROADCASTING - either via radio stations or television. There are some terrific news reporting that you won't hear on the commercial stations. If more people had been listening after 9/11, I wonder if we would have allowed our government to lead us into this devastating war to begin with?

Sheryl Tuttle said...

You are absolutely correct, thanks for sharing your comment. How does the average Joe get his voice heard? It's a challenge certainly.