Friday, January 16, 2009

The Story of Chris A. Venger – A Short Story

In a previous post here and here, I mentioned a letter-writing project of my writers' group, Humble Fiction Cafe. Belatedly, but no less happily, I bid you my story created in result of this project. It is entitled, The Story of Chris A. Venger, and I hope you enjoy.

Please don't be shy. I welcome your feedback, good and bad, in the comments. It is through constructive critique that I learn more about the craft of writing and I am able to hone my skills.

The Story of Chris A. Venger
by Sheryl Tuttle

Chris A. Venger picked up his electro-active diffractive eyeglasses. They had fallen out of his breast pocket, again, but upon inspection appeared undamaged. He put them on his face, and the laboratory instantly came into focus, all 800 square feet of shiny steel surfaces, stark white walls, sterile benches and shelving with scientific apparatus and pharmaceutical experiments at various stages. The place Chris felt most at home.

Searching for his eLabBook, Chris knocked a beaker off a bench and pungent fumes circled upward off the floor where the liquid landed. "Oh dear," he said to no one in particular as he turned to get the chemical spill kit and RoboChem. His pant leg caught on the lab bench chair, tripping Chris and setting the chair in a twirling spin that launched various lab reports into the air like paper airplanes.

Just then, his Ubik mobile device buzzed. With his pant leg still caught on the chair, Chris wobbled over to the desk, dragging the chair along. He bumped his funny bone on the edge of the desk as he reached for the device and flipped it open.

"Augh," he said, rubbing his elbow. "Hello, Chris here."

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