Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I Blog and Read Blogs

I am an avid fan of blogging - both reading blogs and writing blog posts. Here's what I like best about blogs and why I keep at it:
  • I love reading interesting posts by people with a personality. I particularly enjoy blogs that leave you feeling like you're actually getting to know the author(s) personally. Posts that might be a little controversial or that show the human side of the author are best.
  • Having someone add comments to one of my posts. It's nice to know someone really does read the post, but especially care enough that they add a comment.
  • Learning new things, or hearing different perspectives on topics. There's no right or wrong, no black and white. Only lots and lots of gray and vivid color in blogging! Every idea and thought counts, particularly when it triggers active communication.
  • Reviews of movies and books are always fun to read.
  • To me, it's also a great place to capture my feelings and share them with like-minded (or not) individuals. 
  • Some day, my kids may look back and see why I did some of the things I did.
  • It's great writing practice.
What do you like best?