Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Loving Family - Top Priority

What are your stresses? Everyone has them. There are so many pressures in life today – work, making ends meet financially, busy schedules, constant connectedness through electronic devices, and so forth – making it difficult to find time to relax and unwind. We’re pretty good about keeping everything in check though, and holding those burdens inside. If you’re like me, you’re friendly and polite, even with complete strangers. Actually . . . especially with complete strangers. But the minute we are with our loved ones...

A loving family is like a mini-extension of your self. You look in the mirror and like yourself (hopefully), even seeing all your faults. Well, your family does too, just like you love them. They love you and know you better than anyone else, your talents and your flaws, and maybe even more than we know ourselves. And they love us despite our shortcomings, which makes it easy to let loose our frustrations and disappointments. After all, they will love us anyway, right? Even though we might be a little curt?

But we shouldn’t take our families for granted; rather we should always make an effort to develop an even stronger family unity through loving kindness. Even when we’re stressed. Why in the world wouldn’t we treat the people we love the most in this world better than anyone else? Shouldn’t we treat them always with the specialness they deserve and with the love they hold in our hearts?

Dictionary.com defines priority as “something given special attention.” A loving family rocks. We would all do well to remember to show our families our best attributes, and make family a top priority.