Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Chaos shopping, that's what I call shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, is as much a tradition for me as having noodles on Thanksgiving Day. It supposed to be there, it should happen, but if it's missing for some reason, well, the day does go on.

It is with pleasure I set my alarm on Thanksgiving night for an early morning wake-up. Armed with sales circulars, I quietly get ready and exit the house careful not to wake the slumbering. I used to head out on my own, getting more and more charged with each purchase. Since moving to Texas, now I go out with my sister, and it is fast becoming one of my favorite shopping days ever.

Along with the satisfaction of making a huge dent in my Christmas shopping, I also get to spend quality time with my sister. Even though the stores are mobbed and the lines are long, we find precious time to visit. And we always further enhance the day by dining out for lunch. We talk about our families, our hopes, our worries.

In our fast-paced, too busy lives, if nothing more, our annual day after Thanksgiving shopping trek gives us an excuse and an opportunity to spend time together merrily and guilt-free. After all, we are accomplishing some major shopping efforts while we get together and have our fun. While sales are oftentimes now offered during the whole weekend following Thanksgiving and are certainly offered online, I would hate to see our newly created tradition of chaos shopping end. Here's to another fun and successful year of chaos shopping! Happy Thanksgiving!