Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Prayer

O gracious and loving Father,

It is with thanksgiving we pray for your many wonderful blessings.

First for your creation.

For the heavens and earth,

The sun, the moon and stars.

For the vast and beautiful Oceans,

Incredible majestic mountains,

Lush landscapes,

And for all living creatures in it.

Thank you for our homes.

For the safety of living in this country,

For the freedoms to live as we choose, without persecution,

And for the comforts of shelter, warmth, and food.

Thanks for our families and friends.

For fellowship,

Laughter, love,

For kindness and a cheerful spirit.

Thanks also for our health and our welfare.

And where these are deficient,

Let us remember that as we walk in faithfulness,

We are not alone,

For you are always with us.

Bless us during this feast

And make our hearts joyous.

Help us remember always your wonderful works.

Praises to God.

Praises for all of God's wonderful works!