Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Good Daily Devotion

Each morning when I sit down at my desk, I begin my day by flipping the page of my daily inspirational desk calendar. As we near the close of this year, the pages diminish, and I realize I'm going to miss this morning dose of reality and contemplation. I haven't purchased a replacement for the New Year.

The message usually resonates deep within, and the accompanying bible verse often enhances the meaning. They've all been good devotions to read, to think about, to live by. One recently really spoke to me, and I thought I would share a portion of it here.

We are named. What we are named is not as significant as that we are named.

Imagine that! Our Creator knows each of us by name.

When I am introduced to a room full of people, I will do good to remember a few of the names when I leave the gathering. It typically takes a few awkward re-introductions before the names stick with me. Yet God knows our names, intimately, since our conception and throughout all the days of our lives, and he never forgets them. Even through our faults and transgressions, our doubts and non-belief, God remembers us and God loves us. The only re-introduction we need is on our side.