Sunday, December 2, 2007


I've written before how much the Humble Fiction Café (HFC) writer's group means to me, but I'm feeling an overwhelming urge to write once again about this magnificent group of individuals. The talent, intelligence, and personalities of this group are so immense. I truly find myself in awe at times and often wonder how I'm so lucky to have found these people. I get so much from this group.

For one, I am continuously apprised of new technologies. As group members learn about a new gadget, technology, or device that makes life simpler or just more enjoyable, the information is disseminated via e-mail with a volley of e-mail dialog following about the virtues or pitfalls of the product or service. It was through HFC that I learned about blogging, add-ons for Firefox Mozilla, and digital books called Kindle's.

HFC group members are also a tremendous source of information for anyone pursuing furthering their writing. So many tools and techniques have been shared at meetings and through e-mail that it would be impossible to do any type of list justice.

The value placed on the critique I receive cannot be measured. I think sometimes as a writer you become too close to your work. Plotting errors or grammatical mistakes remain hidden on the page until someone points them out. The wonderful HFC group members provide that valuable, truthful, and candid feedback. While I know I have a lot to improve in my writing, belonging to this group has already broadened my skill.

My deepest respect for the members of HFC also, with kudos to everyone that participated in NaNoWriMo last month and completed it successfully. It is an honor to be associated with such talented individuals, and I appreciate both their inspiration and their encouragement. Being associated with HFC gives me the impetus to want to do more. To put aside the excuses and get on with the work.

Best of all, we have fun. Whether it's sharing laughter at a meeting, chortling from emails, or participating in an activity together such as the Renaissance Festival, I truly enjoy the fun and comradeship we share. We are a group that varies in age, background, interests, and more, but with the strong common thread of the written word.

For any writer, wanna-be, aspiring, or otherwise writerly ambitioned person, I highly recommend finding a writer's group. But good luck finding one as grand as mine!