Friday, March 14, 2008


by Sheryl Tuttle

It's blog tag – and I'm it! Fellow Humble Fiction Café (HFC) writer, Dorlana Van, tagged me, and now I have to write a blog post about ten ways you know a story was written by me. This has been challenging, to say the least, since I am a writer still in my infancy, but here goes my best attempt.

1) If there is humor (and that is a big IF), it is very subdued. There is no slapstick in my writing.

2) The characters all tend to be… well, people. I haven't yet taken on the world of zombies, vampires, robots, etc (Did you notice the word "yet"?).

3) There tends to be romantic relationships in my writing, although in many instances they are ended relationships with one of the characters having difficulty in letting go.

4) My protagonists are often (but not always) writers.

5) My protagonists usually have good and bad qualities and may not be characters that you come to like easily.

6) Like fellow writer, Gary Denton, I too like the ellipsis …

7) My characters tend to have lots of thoughts that are italicized in the writing.

8) You might say I use "mysterious endings" in my stories. These are endings that leave the reader thinking.

9) Some of my writing (again, not all) contains a bit of sarcasm.

10) Finally, and not something you would "see" or "recognize" in the final product, but my stories in their final form almost never look like their original draft. I tend to re-write, and re-write, and re-write… you get the picture, I'm sure.

Now I have to tag six more bloggers, so – watch out! You may be "it" next!

Have a great day!


Gary Denton said...

I have been chided for my love of the ellipse :) In some ways, it's a lazy way of duplicating patterns of speech. Most of my writing was primarily script based, and the ellipse is used in that medium to tell the actor to pause before speaking again, thus creating a sort of cadence and rythym. However, in fiction, it has a different purpose, and I am currently reviewing my colege textbooks to fix my "lazy" style. Good luck, Sheryl! I hope you get away with the ellipse better than I do!

Dorlana said...

I use the ellipse a lot. I think I use them in place of the words, you know. But I suppose that don't work if the reader doesn't know what you're doing...