Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Humble ISD – Important Information

The Humble ISD has decided not to fund high school gymnastics next year in spite of the fact that Humble High and Kingwood High have consistently earned countless titles and national rankings. It has been one of the most continually successful sports in the history of Humble ISD, and it has produced excellent student athletes, many of which have GPA's over 4.0 and have earned Academic Scholarships. There are two things we can do.

First, is to sign a petition at http://www.savehumbleisdgymnastics.com/ asking the board to reconsider their decision. Please don't sign it "anonymous" as I've been told those signatures won't count.

Second, you can attend the Humble ISD board meeting tonight at 7:00pm to support our gymnasts, coaches and parents.

Thank you!