Monday, September 21, 2009

Book Review – Death by Dorlana Vann

Excellent – a very quick and enjoyable read. Death is really two books in one. First is Jaclyn's Ghost, which I had read pre-publication, loved, and blogged about it here. This is the story about fashion model Jaclyn Jade, who has to find the reason she doesn't make it into Heaven after her untimely and murderous death. She enlists the help of a psychic that can hear ghosts, as well as a mysterious and intriguing ghost named Logan. An exciting adventure ensues and one that is sure to captivate readers – it did me!

The second story is Passage to Mesentia. Here, Dorlana Vann surprises the reader with twists and turns that test Wade and Bella's relationship as they search for answers to the murder of Bella's archeological parents. A mysterious and surreal stranger named Ben solicits their help in finding an ancient Egyptian artifact believed to be the reason behind the murder, all the while pulling in Bella with his romantic and tragic past.

Dorlana Vann is a newly published author, fellow member of the Humble Fiction Café writers group, and a friend. Read the book if you get a chance, and watch for more of her novels in the future.