Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Few Favorite Blogs

In no particular order, following are my three favorite blogs to read (not including any in which I contribute):
  1. Supernatural Fairy Tales - fun to read short stories and articles inspired by fairy tales and with a supernatural twist. This blog is by my friend and fellow HFC member, Dorlana Vann. I never miss a post.
  2. Michael Hyatt Leading With Purpose - interesting posts on blogging/social media, leadership, writing and publishing from the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, a large Christian publishing company.
  3. copyblogger - all about copywriting, blogging, and writing compelling content.
There are so many good blogs, and I subscribe to quite a number. Blog posts are my primary source for new technology and gadgets, social media marketing, blogging tips, entertainment, and sometimes even inspiration. What are your primary reasons for subscribing to and reading a blog regularly? What good blogs would you recommend (here's your chance to plug your favorite blog, but keep it limited please. The system will identify comments with multiple links as spam.)