Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Easy Riddle

Here's an easy riddle for you. What happens on the one day you drive your car without your proof of insurance card in the vehicle? That's right – you get pulled over! At least that's what happened to me this past week.

At an intersection with several police officers, one motioned for me to pull over. He asked to see my driver's license and proof of insurance. Unfortunately, I had taken my proof of insurance out of the car just the night before. I had given it to my husband who had the day off from work and who had offered to run to Kroger for me to get my car registered. The current registration expires at the end of the month.

I explained all this to the officer, but to no avail. He wrote me a ticket anyway. He proceeded to tell me that I could go to the court location within the next few days with my proof of insurance and it would be dismissed.

Not true! Two days later, the court advised that for all insurance citations, an appearance on the court date noted on the ticket was required. So, guess I'll be going to court after all.

How maddening! 364 days a year with the insurance card in my car, and 1 day without. Sometimes life feels unfair.


T.C. said...

Life is indeed unfair. Don't you just feel like sometimes someone is looking in your window, just waiting for a chance to strike? It seems like that policeman must have been listening in when you took that card out of your purse and then he plotted to get you!

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