Monday, March 30, 2009

A Week of Giving

What parent isn't proud of their kids? I'm no exception of course. This past week both my kids participated in a "giving" thing.

What's in the bags?
Soda pop tabs. These are just two of the bags my youngest daughter turned in to her school this week for donation to the Ronald McDonald House.

The cold didn't keep my oldest daughter from helping out with Trash Bash on Saturday. She participated with her Girl Scout troop to help clean up Lake Houston.

Good job girls! I'm proud of you!


T.C. said...


You should be proud of those girls! And, of yourself, too, for instilling in them a sense of community and giving back. What great projects for them.


Sheryl Tuttle said...

Thanks Theresa! They're really great girls. I'm not sure it has a lot to do with me instilling values, for them it seems to come naturally, but thanks for saying so. :^)