Friday, April 3, 2009

Lest I Forget Friday

A variety of information and topics to share with you

Most of you probably already know, but in case you don't, the Shell Houston Open is in full swing. Held at the Redstone Golf Club – Tournament Course, many charities benefit annually from this event. This year, parents and teachers from Maplebrook Elementary school are staffing the concession booth at the 16th hole. The funds they raise will benefit the school, so stop by if you're in the area.

I'm very excited to announce that I recently signed up to participate in 31 Days to Build a Better Blog presented by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. It's a 31 day project to improve your blog through theory and assignments, and it begins on April 6th. Fingers crossed for some exciting upcoming blog enhancements!

Which leads me to my next topic. If you are a repeat visitor to this blog, you may have noticed a different look – and that is the addition of google ads. So tell me, like 'em or leave 'em? Are they a distraction or not? If I get feedback they're bad, then they're outta here!

If you haven't visited my newly launched blog Hope and Faith, then I invite you to visit and share your thoughts on novel prologues. Do you like them or not, and why or why not? I'd like to get some lively discussion and opinions on the subject, so please feel free to share.

Stay tuned for more information about a potential new blog launch containing valuable information that will help business development professionals, particularly when it comes to cold calling. Brrr, the word itself makes some professionals shiver. I'm in talks with some folks about making this happen, and I'll keep you posted here.

Finally, on a very happy note, I am pleased to announce that despite the heavy rains and hail hurled at earth and in Texas this week, our garden fares well. We've enjoyed radish that is so much tastier than the grocery store variety, and look forward to more tasty treats soon!

Have a great weekend!


Wishwords said...

Good luck on the endeavor. I do like your new layout. I changed mine this week too.

Sheryl Tuttle said...

Thanks. I like your new layout, especially the three columns, and am thinking about future changes for this blog too.