Monday, July 14, 2008

Reservations for Two – A Short Story

Reservations for Two
by Sheryl Tuttle

Janice left for work earlier than usual. Recently promoted, today was the first day in her new job. She knew if she played her cards right, worked really hard and did everything asked of her, she would excel and get the recognition she deserved. The evening classes she took – while working full time – for her certificate in Secretarial Services were about to pay off.

As Janice entered the building, she passed by the mailroom door, barely taking notice of the new girl inside sorting mail. This promotion had moved Janice out of that dead-end job where she was stuck working in a room not much bigger than an eight-by-eight box. She remembered how the other girls walked by each morning and never acknowledged her, as though she wasn’t there. That wasn’t the case anymore, now she would be one of them.

Passing the interior office doors and the conference room on the left, she headed for the suite of Executive Offices. This was her new work home, and she eagerly flipped on the light switches and settled into her desk outside the office of the Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Public Relations, Mr. Michael Masters.

Opening her newly purchased Gucci bag, she pulled out a framed picture of her dog and a pencil holder that her niece had made her for Christmas and arranged them on her desktop. She explored her desk drawers, discovering a half empty prescription vial of Lithium for Mr. Masters. Wonder if he still takes these, she thought, while tossing the vial to the side. She started thumbing through files.

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